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Redline™ by BrandJitsu™

What are you really saying, and how are you saying it?

Use Redline to quickly and succinctly understand how the world is experiencing a brand's words and website. Take the guesswork out of how any business is positioning itself and see your forest and the trees.

The process should only take about five minutes and doesn't require much thinking (yay!).

"I can't believe it was so quick and painless. And the report?!?! Wow! You should charge waaaaay more than $49 for this!"

"The insight I got on how I was talking to the world changed everything. I thought I was coming across a certain way, but the Redline told a completely different story."
"I just used this to research a potential customer, then used what I learned to position my offer like no one else—talk about a superpower! I will do this more than once. Do you have a monthly plan?"
If you are unsure why you are on this page, then you should probably head here to get the full scoop here: Learn About Redline™ by BrandJitsu™ | Each Redline costs $49 CAD